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Green Policy

As a business I'm committed to working in a sustainable way and undertake the following actions to achieve this:

My Green Story

It all started with soap.......during the first year of opening the B&B (2006) I bought soap from a wholesaler to supply the bathrooms. Not only did this soap smell a little chemical, there was a lot of packaging, not to mention unused soap to throw away at the end of guests stays. This seemed to add up to a lot of waste over the course of a season, so I started to think of ways to reduce this waste.

Over that winter I investigated making my own soaps, experimented with techniques and scents (using pure essential oils) and loved what I was producing. These large blocks of soap can be cut down to provide a small, jewel like squares for guest rooms without any packaging. Guests are invited to take away these little soaps with them, which they do. They are so popular that guests were asking if they could buy them - I produce 100gm bars to sell to guests.

This got me thinking about other aspects of waste within the business, had me reading around wider 'Green issues', which lead me to the Green Tourism Business Scheme. After 2 years of working my way through the criteria and preparing for assesment, I entered the scheme in 2010 and managed to achieve a 'Gold' level award on my first assesment. The scheme makes you look at the business in it's entirety, rather than just cherry picking the easy to do aspects and is progressive, moving with the times. Inspections are regularly carried out on-site by a qualified assessor.


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